A great neighborhood spot. They did not mind our loud group of 9 on a Monday night. Everyone liked everything they got – rama chicken was good – and all of the sashimi platters that came out were well received.

We had a lot of byob from the place next door that there were very attentive to (bottles/glasses/openers right away with no complaints and no corkage).

Good stuff.

Kurt P.

-Chicago, IL

Sooooo sometimes I make mistakes. It’s rare. Very rare. But I suppose it happens every once in awhile. 😛

I live within a block of Jai-Yen’s other location in Avondale and order from there all the time. I ordered as usual one evening, walked into Jai-Yen by my place and they discovered I accidentally ordered at the much further away location. I (begrudgingly) made the trek out to Lakeview and picked up my sushi.

I’m happy to say it was just as tasty and delicious as when I ordered from the other location. One of my personal favorite veggie rolls is their sweet potato roll loaded with fresh potato, gooey mayo and overall goodness that my pale skinned people enjoy.

Jai-Yen always has friendly staff, tasty and fresh sushi, plus the prices aren’t half bad. A great BYOB sushi option if you’re in the area!

Sarah S.

-Chicago, IL

This may be the future of Japanese restaurants in America. About as true to its national heritage as Chinese American restaurants are to theirs, it seeks to satisfy the pallet of its audience with Japanese style rather than focusing on “authenticity.”

This is perhaps best noted in the makeup of their rolls as well as their focus on unagi, barbecued fresh water eel, which is a favorite in America as it is a good mixture of exotic, vis a vis the eel, and familiar, vis a vis the savory barbecue sauce it is covered in. Their best rolls are thinly coated in tempura and deep fried. Usually they come with cream cheese in the middle. I can hardly think of any better way to “Americanize” a sushi roll than stuffing it with cream cheese and deep frying it.

Although less notable, and less to my point above, every fried noodle dish I’ve had from here has been delicious.

This place is perfect for what it is- a Japanese American restaurant. It is a weekly staple of mine. The delivery service is always fast (considering the lead time) and friendly. The quality is consistent. I have no complaints about this place, honestly, and would wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone looking for something different on the delivery menu.

Arthur S.

-Chicago, IL

Kicked my sushi craving in the butt. My husband and I enjoyed every roll. Get the volcano and spider maki. Absolutely delicious. Service is great and they helped me understand what I was ordering since I’m pregnant and didn’t want anything raw. This will be a new favorite for my husband and I.

Inez C.

-River Forest, IL

Favorite sushi spot in Chicago. So underrated. Easily beats out the ritzy joints in the loop. My only complaint is that they wont let me buy anymore Yelp coupons.

Brian M.

-Lakeview, Chicago, IL

Simply delicious. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures because the dishes they brought out looked great. Besides the spicy tuna roll we had the Dragon Roll which I can’t stop thinking about ever since! Can’t wait to try other items on the menu.

Mameli D.

-Philadelphia, PA